2020 Parliament-Government Dialogue on Land reform: civil society actors will soon submit their proposals

Land management is a permanent challenge for developing countries, and it is especially important today because of the diversity of stakeholders and issues around land, which are exacerbated by population growth and the rise in land-based investments. The land reform process launched in 2011 was opened up to civil society organisations that wish to make their contributions. A number of actors have joined LandCam’s initiative to formulate proposals to submit them to the Government and Parliament. It is in this spirit that the Parliament-Government Forum on Land Governance 2020 was held, under the theme « Land Law: Focus on Civil Society’s Proposals ».

The forum was organised by REPAR (network of parliamentarians for the sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Central Africa) and was attended by parliamentarians and representatives of ministries (forests and wildlife; agriculture and sustainable development; State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure).  It was opened by the Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure. The forum was established by the LandCam project. It is a platform for exchanges between the Government and Parliament on issues related to land management, with the aim to build consensus on solutions that can be taken into account for the ongoing land reform.

On December 8th and 9th, 2020, we presented on land management and on requirements for the reform to combine participation, inclusiveness, security, clarity and comprehensiveness. The various bodies attending were in favor of the proposals, everyone agreed on the need for change and LandCam can now put a proposal on the table, hoping for the support of Parliament.